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Advanced-bookings are highly recommended.

We take orders via Internet, fax, and phone.

Booking the rental in advance means...

No need to worry about out-of-stock


No hassle with worrying about the stock availability. You can secure what you need.

No paperwork at counter


Having an advanced-booking helps you in faster pickup and less waiting time to start the rental.

It's ok not to have your own credit card.


You just need a Credit Card Authorization Form with your ID to pick up.

*The cardholder must be present at the time of pick-up when you walk in to the airport stores to rent.

*When having rental item(s) delivered, the credit card used for the payment must be your own.


Missed the booking deadline?

Booking deadlines


Internet order
Fax order
Order by 11AM Japan time, the previous day before pickup.
Phone order Order by 2PM Japan time, the previous day before pickup.
*The rental item(s) may be out of stock.
Walk-up rental Call Customer Care to save the item for you. *Unavailable at New Chitose Airport
We will complete the rental procedures at the pickup counter.
  • For those having difficulties with visiting an airport counter, you can also pick up your rental equipment at
    Our Office in Roppongi, Tokyo.
  • 2 days prior to the pick up date is required when having delivered, picking up at New Chitose Airport Counter or choosing the option of phone number pre-notice.




You can make an advanced-booking either one of the following 3 methods.


  • Internet
  • phone
  • fax

Booking confirmation

We will send an email or call your contact number to confirm your order.

There are some required documents to pick up the rental kit or to receive by courier.


You can easily pick up the rental kit at our rental counter in the airport or via courier.

Shipping cost

  • 1 phone...1,000Yen
  • 2 phones...1,500Yen (750Yen/piece)
  • 3 phones...1,890Yen (630Yen/piece)
  • 4 or more phones...500Yen/piece

Rental starts

What if I have problems or questions?
Customer Care


You can easily return the rental kit to our rental counter in the airport or via courier.


* 24 hour return box available at some of our rental counters.


You will receive an invoice via email within 10 days of returning the rental item(s).



■For use in Japan