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Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental fee is for 3 days, even if the phone is returned earlier.

How old do I have to be to rent?

If you have your own credit card, you can rent by yourself.

What is a SIM card?

SIM card is a portable memory chip used mostly in mobile phones. It contains information specific to the user, such as the phone number, phonebook, and pictures. SIM card can be switched easily from one mobile phone to another.

  • Intl mobile phone
  • My number phone
  • Local mobile phone
  • Smartphone
  • Roaming phone
  • Mobile Internet
Will the phone come with a battery charger and plug adaptors?

Yes. You will have a 100V-240V battery charger (and plug adaptors as needed) in you rental case.

How do I extend the contract?

Contact our customer care. We will change your return date. If we do not receive the phone back on the expected return date without a notice, we may have to disconnect the service.

  • My number phone
Do the price plans provided by SoftBank apply to rental contracts?

Any price plan provided by SoftBank do not apply to our rental plans except "My number phone". If you are using your own SoftBank number, contact SoftBank Intl Call Center at 092-687-0025 for details.


Do you take cash for payment?

No. Rentals can be paid by credit cards only.

What is a "pre-authorization"?

We place a pre-authorization hold which reduces your overall credit limit by 40,000 yen (per rental item) in place of a security deposit. This amount is not deducted from your account at the the time of transaction but is reserved for us to use when your actual payment is declined. This transaction will automatically be canceled within 60 days from the transaction only if your actual payment goes through without any problem.

Do you accept a third party's credit card for payment?

Yes. If the payer differs from the rental contractor, we ask for the authorization form signed by the cardholder, which is attached to the booking confirmation email you will receive after the booking.

What is a debit card?

Debit cards are issued by banks and allow you to make purchases directly from funds in your bank account. We cannot take debit cards or credit cards with debit function since debit cards treat an authorization as a charge and immediately reduce your funds.

When am I billed for the rental?

You will receive an invoice via email within 10 days of returning the rental item(s). If the rental period spans two billing cycles, you may receive a second invoice for late calls that were not billed on the first invoice.

  • My number phone
Can the rental invoice amount be added to my existing SoftBank account and paid together?

Only the communication charge will be added to your existing SoftBank account when you use the My number phone. All other charges and fees related to the rental will be billed on your credit card.

Technical Support

  • Intl mobile phone
  • Local mobile phone
Will my phone have voicemail?

Voicemail service is not available. You can use a basic voicemail attached to the phone.

  • Intl mobile phone
  • My number phone
Does a rental phone display the phone number of the caller?

Though the rental phone has a caller ID display, you may occasionally receive the wrong information when it is an international call.

  • Intl mobile phone
  • My number phone
  • Local mobile phone
  • Smartphone
Will I be able to call toll free numbers?

Yes, but the regular call rate applies.

  • 3G SIM
What kind of mobile phones does the 3G SIM card plan take?

Mobile phones from SoftBank Corp. and SIM-unlocked mobile phones from other Japanese carriers can be used with the 3G SIM card.

  • Smartphone
What kind of smartphones does the iPhone SIM card plan take?

Smartphones which are SIM-unlocked and compatible with one of the following networks and bands: WCDMA2100/ UMTS2100/ HSDPA2100 / LTE2100 (Band1).
iPhone SIM can be used in Android smartphones.

What is a SIM-unlocked phone?

A SIM-unlocked phone takes any SIM cards from different carriers. It is beneficial to use a different SIM card, especially when you travel another country and use your own mobile phone abroad.

    Can I use your iPhone SIM on my Android phone?

    Yes. To use the iPhone SIM on your Android phone, make sure that your phone is SIM-unlocked and compatible with one of the following networks and bands: WCDMA2100/ UMTS2100/ HSDPA2100 / LTE2100 (Band1). Also, please be aware that you are ordering the correct sized SIM. If you are unsure what you need, check out the table below.

    Rental Plan SIM Card Dimension
    iPhone 5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus SIM nano SIM 8.8mm × 12.3mm
    iPhone 4/4s SIM micro SIM 12mm × 15mm
    iPhone 3G/3GS SIM SIM (Regular Size) 15mm × 25mm


    What happens if the phone is lost or stolen?

    Contact our customer care immediately upon the loss or theft of the rental item. You are responsible for all communication charges until we are contacted to disconnect the number. If it is a "roaming handset" or "my number phone", you must also report the loss to your service provider and disconnect the number.
    Damages of lost or stolen items

    What happens if I lost my credit card?

    Contact your card issuer immediately and report the loss. You must also contact our customer care and provide another credit card. We will charge the invoice amount against the pre-authorization that we made on your first credit card and if not enough to cover charges, the rest will be charged to the second credit card.

    What if the phone is damaged?

    Contact our customer care. We will provide you with the replacement item if needed (to addresses in Japan only).
    Damages of lost or stolen items




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